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Learn AI in 5 minutes a day. We'll teach you how to save time and earn more with AI. Join 45,000+ free daily readers from Tesla, Apple, A16z, Meta, & more.


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πŸš€ The AI Tool Report is the fastest-growing AI newsletter in the world, with 3000+ new subs daily. πŸ“ˆ50,000+ engaged subscribers with an industry-leading unique open rate of 50%+ πŸ”₯ High email click rate of 14%. πŸ“Primary locations of readers: 60% US, 20% UK, 10% Canada, 5% Australia, 5% other. πŸ€“ Our audience is extremely targeted: includes engineers, business owners, managers, investors, and startup founders in AI, looking to be more productive at work. πŸŽ‰ Main sponsorship: Average Clicks: 700-1400 .

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